Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)

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Rifts open up between worlds and a huge battle between order and chaos erupts, spanning 10 novels. The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written Whether you're a Swords and Sorcery type of fantasy reader, a fan of battles and betrayal, or you just want a few more goddamn elves in your life, there's something for you here. Posted on August 20, , GMT. The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. DAW Books. The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Tor Books.

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Wizards of the Coast. The Gormenghast Series by Mervyn Peake. Overlook Press. Page 76 "[ The interactions of the gods in 'The Sending of Eight' resembles the Godshome scenes in Leiber's Swords series which Pratchett parodies throughout the novel. Page 98 "The floor was a continuous mosaic of eight-sided tiles, [ It is physically impossible for convex octagons to tile a plane, unless, of course, space itself would somehow be strangely distorted one of the hallmarks of Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

It is possible, however, to tile a plane with non-convex octagons and naturally Pratchett does not specify convex. Page "[ A grimoire is a book of spells or textbook of magic. Page ] Kring the sword says "I spent a couple of hundred years on the bottom of a lake once. Page Kring then adds "What I'd really like to be is a ploughshare. I don't know what that is, but it sounds like an existence with some point to it. Beating swords into ploughshares is a very common theme of the peace movement and it has a 'point to it' both in the concept of ending war and in the fact that a plough has a pointed tip.

Cully is a mild northern British epithet for a stupid or gullible person someone who is easily duped. Pratchett explains: "Cully still just about hangs on in parts of the UK as a mildly negative term meaning variously 'yer bastard', 'man', 'you there' and so on. It's quite old, but then, Death is a history kind of guy.

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Some suggest it is a contraction of 'cullion', testicle which was used to mean "a despicable creature" in the 17th Century. This is the same root that generates the Italian coglione and the slang cojones testicles or balls.

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The heroine of the first Pern novel Dragonflight is called Lessa, and the exclamation mark in Terry's dragonriders' names parallels the similar use of apostrophes in McCaffrey's names. In addition, " The dragons sense Liessa's presence. Page "Oh, you know how it is with wizards.

Half an hour afterwards you could do with another one, the dragon grumbles. Page The sword Kring "[ In addtion, Pratchett was familiar with many old computer games, so the description of Kring may have be a passing reference to the prototypical computer adventure game ADVENT later versions of which were also known as Adventure or Colossal Cave.

In this game, a room exists where a sword is stuck in an anvil. The next line of the room's description goes: "The sword is singing to itself". It can only be seen by wizards and cats. Page "'It is forbidden to fight on the Killing Ground,' he said, and paused while he considered the sense of this. This is the War Room. Page After Rincewind and Twoflower escape from the Wyrmberg they are flying a dragon one moment and a modern jetliner the next. In other words they have shifted to another 'plane' or dimension. And in case anyone missed this obvious pun, Pratchett gilds the lily by explaining it at the end of the section something that Pratchett seems to think is required, all too often.

The "powerful travelling rune TWA" appearing on the Luggage continues the word play as it is a reference to the old Roundworld airline Trans World Airlines, which is clearly trans ferring them out of one world into another. Page "At that moment Lianna's dragon flashed by, and Hrun landed heavily across its neck. Lianna leaned over and kissed him. Pratchett said that the error in names must have been introduced sometime during the publishing process: it is not in his original manuscript.

The error was corrected in the Corgi reprint. Page Dr Rjinswand is "[ Dr Rjinswand is an expert on uncontrolled fires in nuclear reactors.

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Prior to becoming an author Pratchett was a press officer for four nuclear power stations with the Central Electricity Generating Board. This was shortly after the 3 MIle Island Nuclear disaster and he cited this as an example of his unerring sense of timing. In his younger days, Pratchett was a Dungeon Master and there are many references to the game in his novels. Page "The captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying.

I want to achieve it through not dying". Page "'His name is Tethis. He says he's a sea troll. She was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, and the youngest female Titan or Titanide. Eventually she married her brother Oceanus, and together they had more than children, namely all the rivers of the world. In Discworld, trolls traditionally are given mineral names but Tethis is not really a mineral type troll being a sea troll so perhaps this convention doesn't apply.

Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery) Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)
Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery) Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)
Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery) Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)
Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery) Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)
Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery) Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)
Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery) Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)
Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery) Two Lives for the Sea God (Swords & Sorcery)

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