The Almond Tree

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Each variety of almond and origin has its own calendar and is influenced by weather conditions. When the hull that protects the almond during the productive months splits open wide, it is harvest time. Although there are other harvesting methods, the most common one used is the reversed-umbrella interceptor with which the tractor shakes the almond tree so that the almonds fall and can be continuously collected. Nevertheless, there are other harvesting methods which adapt to the new types of crop: combine harvesters, harvester machines, bale buggies, etc.

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Our producers harvest and store each variety separately to ensure that no varieties are mixed in the final product. Once the almonds are dried until their peak phase, stored in controlled conditions and analysed by the quality control team, the next almond phase will start: the shelling.

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An overview

Winter rest for almond trees Once the almonds are harvested and the cold weather sets in, the almond trees must start their winter rest, shedding their leaves and entering the vegetative stage until they start flowering, where the vegetative activity restarts once the warmer temperatures arrive. The amount of reserves for the next development stage: the trees must accumulate nutrients through water which will be essential for the forthcoming crop development.

From tree to factory: almond harvesting

Flowering and pollination When the warmer temperatures arrive at the end of winter and start of spring, the rest needs have been met and the vegetative activity restarts with the flowering. Almond growth Once the flowering and fertilisation of the future almonds have been completed, they start to blossom and grow. Harvesting, drying and storage That is when the almonds reach their last development stage and must be picked at the peak of ripeness.

Entradas relacionadas. Almond traceability process 10 June, Inside you have the almond, which is the core. We harvested our almond trees in August, and we use them throughout the year. When the almonds are fresh they are juicy and not as sweet as the dry ones.

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In Sicily, almond milk is a popular drink and is often served at the bars together with small Sicilian assorted cookies. Almond milk 6 servings.

The Prophet's Table: Ep. 8 The Almond Tree Blossoms: Propetic Word: DOTK SIGNS, MIRACLES & WONDERS

Ingredients 2. Method Place almonds together in a large bowl that can accommodate both the almonds and the water so the almonds are covered by the water. Cover with plastic and allow them to soak 4 hours. Then change water and do the same procedure soaking for another 4 hours. Drain and rinse almonds with fresh water using a colander.

Using a blender or food processor, mix the almonds with 6 cups bottled water, and add honey. Mix together using a blender or food processor taste if you want it sweeter, add some more honey. Place the mixture back into the bowl and cover with plastic allowing it to rest for 2 hours. If you want, now is the time to add a little vanilla seeds or grounded cinnamon to taste.

The Almond Tree The Almond Tree
The Almond Tree The Almond Tree
The Almond Tree The Almond Tree
The Almond Tree The Almond Tree
The Almond Tree The Almond Tree
The Almond Tree The Almond Tree

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