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Versatility defines the Switch. It plays Switch games in handheld mode.

The Nintendo Switch Lite Left Us With A Big Unanswered Question

It does not support television mode. There is no rumble. There is no infrared camera. But most of them have. I understand the comparison. Both the 3DS and the Switch Lite are devices exclusively made for portable gaming. Both play the same games, but one is cheaper and stripped of features that some players never bothered with anyway.

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Judged strictly as a portable personal gaming system, the Switch Lite is better than the original Switch. Since it has no removable parts, the Switch Lite feels much more solid and sturdy than the regular Switch in handheld mode, even though it weighs slightly less at. The three colors Nintendo chose for for the initial batch of Switch Lites, yellow, gray, and turquoise, give the device a hip, retro look. The battery life is slightly longer than my launch Switch, though not as long as the newer models.

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As a portable system, the only real downside to the Switch Lite is the screen size. Most of the time, the.

Nintendo Switch fans could see a 90s classic make a big return soon

Maybe the launch of a portable-only Switch with a smaller screen will make developers more conscientious of tiny text. If my only desire was to play Switch games in handheld mode, I would choose the Switch Lite over the regular Switch, hands down. It plays all the games I want to play.

Upcoming games See the latest and upcoming releases. Get Links Awakening. Buy Switch Lite. The new Switch 1. The new Switch Lite For gamers on the go. Fire Emblem Out now on Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Labo VR A new way to play. Shop switch games by character. Shop by character - Pokemon. Shop by character - Mario and friends. Mario and friends.

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Shop by character - Zelda. Shop by character - Splatoon. Gaming for kids Find the best console and games for your family. Games console guide Gaming has reached a whole new level.

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