Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family

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Modern Paganism: 13 Rituals to Celebrate Samhain

This training is life-changing, inspirational, professional and extraordinary, encouraging you to step fully into your vocation as a Sacred Celebrant. Our priestesses are from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and are the only persons authorised to conduct legal pagan marriages in the UK. Sacred Celebrant's Academy offers courses on how to conduct pagan wedding ceremonies and other occasions such as handfasting, funerals and baby naming. These are accredited courses taught by highly trained and professional priestesses and covering all aspects of the ceremonial rituals that you need to master in order to become a fully-fledged celebrant.

Training courses covering practical requirements and education for a number of ceremonies run for nine months and require the student to come to Glastonbury for 7 weekends for practical teaching sessions. Who Are Sacred Celebrant Academy? Discover more about who they are, what they do and their team of celebrant priestesses. Slide title "Wow, what an incredible journey this has been Slide title "Wow, I am still so blissed out and full of smiles from our last weekend together as students.

Slide title "Yesterday 19th May was one of the biggest moments of my life dedicating to the life of a sacred celebrant. Thank you for making it all so special. Sign up here to receive our newsletter to get an up-to-date review of any changes, courses, events or special offers.

Celtic Dark Pagan Chants Witches Beautiful Music Mix

Quick Links. About Us. Celebrant Training. Pagan Funeral. Sacred Storytelling. Pagan Weddings Guild Ltd. Privacy Policy. Contact Details. Revel in the apex of the Sun's peak of power, when the world is bathed in light for the longest of the year. Walk through the trees and dance round the fire to celebrate plowed fields and bounty awaiting. Come join us as we look inward and outward to explore ourselves and the world around us and dance, drum and sing in praise of Gods and Goddesses. Sing, chant, drum and dance. Feast and make merry!

Attendance has more than tripled in this time and we expect to continue this growth year after year. You can expect to enjoy live pagan music and dance performances, a host of vendors and merchants, Maypole Dances for children and adults, Beltaine Ritual, Chant and Drumming circles and more!

We are totally donation-supported so this event can be enjoyed by all who wish to participate. Alcohol and Drug-Free! Drama- free, Attitude-Free! Each May since , around Memorial Day our community re-emerges as participants from all over the United States and abroad come together to live and learn, work and play in a setting apart from our everyday lives. Also included will be co-op childcare and children's classes.

What is a Samhain Celebration?

Includes musical and theatrical performances, primitive camping, fellowship, seasonal rites and ceremonies, semi-annual Grand Council-with VP election results, kids' activities, workshops and discussion circles, all-night drumming and dancing, etc. Visit us on-line for complete and updated details.

Also available: vending sites for browsing and shopping, food for a nominal fee from the cafe in the Radiance Hall and other possible dining options, hot showers, a dish washing station, drinkable water, fire wood for use at community fire pits. Owned and cared for by Earth Rising, Incorporated, Gaea's quiet acres hold some 1, to 1, pagans each memorial weekend. Beginning with Opening Ritual on Thursday evening and continuing through the Memorial Day Closing Ritual, Heartland Pagan Festival offers well-known pagan authors and performers on an up-close and personal basis to curious and interested seekers of education and entertainment.

Heartland Pagan Festival always strives to offer something of interest for everyone. But Heartland is about much more than entertainment and getting your books autographed. Each year, in addition to our featured guests' presentations, our attendees offer an amazing range of workshops and rituals designed to educate, enlighten and encourage understanding and acceptance of other paths and beliefs.

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  • Wheel of the Year.

The festival is at a primitive camping site; i. There are hotels within 30 miles. We do not tolerate implicit, implied, verbal, emotional, or physical violence towards our LGBTQ friends. The gathering is our Laboratory, and the sacred fire is our vessel where we transform our personal Lead into purest Gold.

Turn your energies into rhythm, song, dance and symbol; speak your truths, listen to others, and step into sacred space to shine. Experiment with ways of being and relating in a safe and accepting context. Stay up all night and greet the rising sun. Fires Rising celebrates creating a present of our own choosing.

Teach What You Know

We support one another while taking personal responsibility for our own safety, healing, entertainment and engagement in this process. In that spirit, we refrain from alcohol and other mind-altering substances.

Fire, Community, Creativity, and the Night are our active ingredients. All faiths are welcome here, and all ability levels. Bring your whole Self; your strengths and talents as well as your hurts. Bring on the didgeridoos, gongs, singing bowls, frame drums, incenses and oils, the drums, chants, spoken word, dance, painting, fire spinning, theater, decorations - and most of all, your love and kindness.

This year's theme is "Community Connections" Saturday's events are from to ; Sunday's events are from to As always, we are located in beautiful Tower Grove park. This don't-miss-it event features more than 50 vendors, a dozen performing groups from belly dancers to bands and solo singers, workshops for adults and children, and rituals. This is the biggest event of its kind in the United States, and it's all free and open to the public!

Come join us for a day of music, conversation, and renewal.

Oak Spirit Sanctuary

We will continue to honor the Triple Goddess with many paths toward experiencing a deeper dimension of yourself. You are invited to participate in enthralling rituals, experiential workshops, drumming and singing circles. There is Gyrlspace for the young and a marketplace for all to enjoy the creations of craftswomyn. Throw off the cares of the modern world and immerse yourself in Babylonian culture and worship for the weekend with us! Join Hands of Change Coven in Central NJ for a weekend full of workshops, classes, a full moon ritual, drum circles, kids' activities, vendors and more!

This festival is in honor of Ishtar also known as Inanna and Astarte which introduces you to the Babylonian pantheon, helps you learn a little about our Pagan roots in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia and fills you with festivity and delight. Come in costume and get a free crescent roll! Key staff members from festivals of the past came together to form the North Western Circles Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to hosting high quality magical events and raising funds for local charities. PanGaia Festival is about the fostering of loving and joyful relationship in the magical community and working together to learn create a blessed and fun-filled event for those who wish to celebrate Litha, the Summer Solstice.

This event will include contests, raffles, a children's area, awesome food vendors, live music, authors, fabulous performers imagine a Pagan County Fair atmosphere. After the sun goes down, the energy shifts into more adult-oriented entertainment with PanGaia After Dark. The Babalon Rising Festival is a place for occultists of all kinds to come together to discuss and perform magick and ritual, and to live the law of Thelema in a clothing-optional, primitive camping environment. Babalon Rising encourages self-exploration, spontaneous ritual, and lively magick.

Classes and workshops for everybody, for kids, for teens, and for adults, rituals, sweats, concerts and performances, merchants, and drumming and dancing by the lakeside fire circle. There are full kids' and teens' programming tracks, in addition to robust offerings for adults.

Learn to spin fire! Reconnect to your sacred self in ritual! Drum and dance the night away! This festival is put on by the community, for the community. Pricing options range from full week to weekend to day pass, and you have your choice of shared cabin camping or private tenting on the beautiful grounds of Camp Ramblewood. Don't miss it!!

Not Into Halloween? Here are 13 Rituals to Celebrate Samhain | Gaia

PSG brings Pagans from many paths and from places across the country together to share ideas, knowledge, energy, music, rituals, friendship, and celebration with each other. Participants live cooperatively for the week within a totally Pagan community. PSG has more than scheduled activities each year, including rituals, workshops, concerts, and networking meetings.

  1. The Stone Gods.
  2. Vangelis: The Unknown Man.
  3. Print Culture in Early Modern France.
  4. Unlikely Graves (Detective Inspector Paul Amos Mystery series Book 2).
  5. Workshops are given daily on a wide range of Pagan topics. Special programming will include a Leadership Institute for Pagan ministers that will include an intensive on enhancing rites of passage, training for Pagan prison ministry, working with the media, and other topics of interest to Pagan leaders. Other programming will include workshops for Pagan youth, performing arts, late night ecstatic dancing with bonfires and drumming, a Pagan marketplace, and much more. PSG has always been an opportunity for spiritual renewal, networking, education, and cultural enrichment.

    Join us as together we create a Pagan Town and immerse ourselves in Pagan community for the week. Contact Circle to receive the PSG Brochure, which has complete details and a registration form, or see our website. Community- driven activities blended with performance and ceremony create rich opportunity for personal development and group transformation. Two stages for music and performance, bonfire drumming and dancing, workshops, rites of passage, merchanting, fire-spinning, bliss, family-friendly.

    The best pagan mini-fest in the Midwest, offering an eclectic mix of rituals, workshops, drumming and concerts. Join us as we create a magickal family atmosphere for spiritual growth and relaxation.

    Book your trip

    The site offers tent, pop-up, or trailer camping. Electric and water are available. This is a pre-register event only! Event begins on Wednesday at noon, Register before June 1st for discount rates.

    Join our Yahoo group ChrysalisMoon1 for information and registration forms, or you can email us at chrysalismoon1 yahoo.

    Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family
    Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family
    Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family
    Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family
    Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family

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