Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)

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You stared at the two marionette dolls until you heard someone clear their throat behind you. You quickly turned around, and you nearly cried at the sight.

JM Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan house’ to open as children’s literature hub

The boy in question just stood there, his usual smirk gone. In place was an astounded look. He never thought he would see you again, but here you were. Did you die? Did you enter the Underworld alive? With him. Is that truly you? You simply nodded, before slowly walked to him. When you were close enough to him, you reached you, scared that if you touched him he would disappear. Peter stared down at you, love filling his gaze. You made eye contact for a brief moment, before you suddenly latched yourself onto his form, arms slung tightly around his neck, your face buried in his chest as you sobbed.

Peter returned the embrace, his grip on you tight as if he was afraid that you would disappear. Not a day went by without me thinking about you. He pulled slightly out of the embrace, one arm still wrapped around you, his free hand reaching up to cup your face. The both of you leaned forward until your lips met.

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You nearly moaned at the feeling. God, I missed the feel of his lips on mine , you thought. When you broke the kiss, you just stared at each other, a smile gracing your features. We can live happily, love. You and me. Together again. Peter wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. His warmth fills you will comfort and protection, and his hand reaches yours, clenching softly. As you admire the beach of Neverland, he passionately lands a kiss on your lips, holding you tightly.

When it began to grow dark, both of you start to head back to camp.

Stars cover the sky in lights. Nighttime in Neverland has been one of your favorite views since you came. How did you get here? You feel ice cold, and start to fall, but support yourself afterwards. Peter places his arm around your back to lift you up, and you see the girl run away in fear. Are you okay? You stand up and feel fine. You continue to walk, still far away from camp. Cold immediately fills your entire body, and you lose your balance. Peter catches you in his arms, as you catch glimpses of more hair turning white. Your hands grow frosty, and you feel limp and faint. Another wave of cold hits you, causing you to shiver and snuggle into his chest for warmth.

He finally reaches the Lost Boy camp, and the boys run to him to help you.

Lost Boy, The Peter Pan Prequel That Tells Captain Hook's Side of the Story

He wraps the blanket around you, and places you next to the burning fire. Peter runs off to search for the girl. After only a couple minutes of searching, I find her. An act of true love.. I waste no time and sprint back to camp. I quickly grab her into my arms and kiss her. I feel warmth coming to her hands as she grabs my cheeks to deepen our kiss.

She wraps her arms around my neck and I put my hands on her waist. Request from avengersrulez : so the idea is Peter pan and the reader were good friends in school until he changed and became a leader and called the group The Lost Boys, he hurt her because he loves her and now he wants her back and as his queen. Note: I am still getting used this whole AU thing so you will have to bear with me. Hope this works anyway. And who do you think you are? High School. The place of nightmares for most people but not for you.

"Do you mind if I call you a lost girl?" -- Peter Pan OUAT

In fact you found yourself enjoying coming here much more than you enjoyed being at home and all because of Peter. He had been your best friend for years now and you would always hang around with each other; even managing to snag a few classes together too. If anyone so much as looked at you in the wrong way or said something out of turn to you or about you he would quickly stand to your defence.

It was rather admirable of him really and you were always more than willing to return the favour when he found himself in such a situation….

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With the Winter Formal coming up soon though perhaps that would be the time for such a conversation. When you and Peter began seeing each other more and more in private, stealing little moments away together when you thought no one else noticed, Felix felt his annoyance rising, but still, he tolerated it.

After all, it was just a secret fling, likely to fizzle out in a week or so. Every moment Peter spent was with you, hanging on your every word and following you around the camp like a lost dog. Then, Peter was taking your opinion into account regarding choices he made about the camp and the Lost Boys, choices that were normally only discussed by Peter and Felix alone. It was that you at your core were foreign to Neverland, an outsider.

You knew nothing of how hard Pan had worked to establish the camp of the Lost Ones, or the tribulations all of you had faced. As he formulated a plan, he reminded himself repeatedly that this was better for Pan in the long run. Felix had crafted the story carefully. He made sure to tell it to one of the younger Lost Boys first, knowing all too well he would be so overwhelmed with the information that he would tell one of the older boys. Who would tell one of the other older boys. Who would tell another boy. Soon, every Lost Boy in camp felt uneasy, like they were walking on eggshells until everything around them would eventually implode.

A day later, he spotted you by yourself, getting ready to head down the path for a hunt. Running to catch up with you, he caught your attention, setting the works into motion. It was for this reason that you felt Felix reaching out to you for help was some kind of step forward. When Peter saw the scene, his expression hardened immediately, his eyes firing up with anger. You scoffed, reeling in disbelief from what it seemed Peter was trying to insinuate. Every boy here knew before I did. For a brief moment, you felt your veins fill with rage.

I am going to make him pay for this. Felix wants you to explode. He wants you to make a big, defensive scene that incriminates you and makes you look guilty. He wants to give Peter a reason to believe him. Swiftly, you unclenched your fists and let your jaw relax. Raising your head up high, you calmly marched past Peter and Felix, walking out of the tent.

All three boys followed on your heels, confused.

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Every pair of Lost Boy eyes was on you as you made your way to the center of the campsite, climbing on a rock to project your voice. You cleared your throat before you spoke. You looked down at the crowd of boys in front of you. For a moment, they just stood there, puzzled, before beginning to slowly go down the chain and recite who told them what. I was told this by Felix.

Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers) Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)
Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers) Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)
Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers) Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)
Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers) Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)
Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers) Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)
Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers) Peter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)

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