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Networked Publics examines the ways that the social and cultural shifts created by these technologies have transformed our relationships to and definitions of place, culture, politics, and infrastructure. Four chapters—each by an interdisciplinary team of scholars using collaborative software—provide a synoptic overview along with illustrative case studies.

The chapter on place describes how digital networks enable us to be present in physical and networked places simultaneously—often at the expense of nondigital commitments.

Networked Publics by Kazys Varnelis (ebook)

The chapter on culture explores the growth and impact of amateur-produced and remixed content online. The chapter on politics examines the new networked modes of bottom-up political expression and mobilization. And finally, the chapter on infrastructure notes the tension between openness and control in the flow of information, as seen in the current controversy over net neutrality.

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A Gap in Networked Publics?

Varnelis Ed. Networked publics.

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Social network sites as networked publics: Affordances, dynamics, and implications. Papacharissi Ed. London: Routledge. The end of the virtual. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press and social network analysis to understand the Twitter activity and the communicative dynamics of the audiences of two Italian national radio stations: Radio3 Rai public service station and Radio Deejay private commercial station. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

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Based on the results that have emerged from this study, we believe that the answer can be affirmative: the analysis of the social connections and the interaction models of the networked listeners highlights new features of these audiences, and allows us to reevaluate and understand them from new points of view. This work shows that the digital audiences related to the two radio stations clearly distinguish themselves for their distinctive online behaviour and a different display of social networks, cultural capital and affect.

Networked Publics (MIT Press) Networked Publics (MIT Press)
Networked Publics (MIT Press) Networked Publics (MIT Press)
Networked Publics (MIT Press) Networked Publics (MIT Press)
Networked Publics (MIT Press) Networked Publics (MIT Press)
Networked Publics (MIT Press) Networked Publics (MIT Press)

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