My Summer in a Garden

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Roses, daylilies, red hot pokers , black eyed Susan, foxgloves and other sun loving plants are perfect for keeping this big bed in full bloom. A raised garden bed that I made out of cement blocks houses all of my succulents as well as annuals that get changed out as the summer progresses.

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It makes a great focal point to the entire bed. Consider where you will plant before you purchase. Hostas and many other plants LOVE shade. I have four garden beds that will allow me to plant this type of plant with great success. Two are on the east facing side of my house under the shade of a large pin oak tree.

Elephant ears, hostas and heucheras grow beautifully here. The pretty shade border on this side of the fence has another garden bed just on the other side of the divider that gets the most sun, but both need very different plants in them. And two other shady borders are on the north facing side of my house.


A new survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of TruGreen shows that Americans spend an average of 12 hours outside in their yards during the summer months. A big part of that time can be spent tending lawns to make them look better. Are some of your favorite memories those that come from time spent outdoors with your family? If your lawn is not in the best shape, here are a few things that you can do to help make your lawn be the pride of your neighborhood.

These two tasks ensure that the debris and thatch from the winter is removed and allows light and air to hit the soil to encourage good growth. Watch the height of the mower bed. Be careful about how low you mow your lawn. Dry, brown weed infested lawns can be the result of cutting lawns too low. Edge your borders. There are many edging methods. For most of my beds, I use a combination of plastic edging or bricks, so that my husband can use his edger to trim right up to the bed.

My Summer Garden - My Little Purple Eden

Edging with plants works well, too, as does digging a trench around the garden bed to keep weeds away. I have one garden bed that has the entire outside of it lined with liriope. This grass flowers in the mid summer and adds a finished look to the whole garden bed. Bring in the professionals for extra help and advice. Keeping lawns and a summer garden in good condition is a big job. TruGreen is a Memphis, Tennessee based company that specializes in lawn care. Evergreen azaleas are also a popular choice, especially the new repeat blooming varieties of Encore azaleas.

Although not winter hardy in all parts of the country, some gardeners treat them as annuals or over winter them indoors in zones 5 and above. By planting them in the fall they have the best chance to grow bigger and better every year. So, while you are putting your garden to bed for the winter, envision the pleasure next spring will bring. For more information on putting your garden to bed, visit joegardener. In addition, Joe is a syndicated columnist in nearly newspapers nationwide. His weekly column, The Gardener Within, focuses on all aspects of gardening from landscaping to composting.

My Summer Garden

Joe is currently writing Over the Fence with joe gardener; available in bookstores January What a beautiful garden you have. I loved all the colorful flowers in full bloom. Sorry, I am visiting after a long time. Maybe, the scene must have totally changed as it must be winter there, but must be equally beautiful.

Have a great day Vidya. Thanks for dropping Rama. Not really.

Fall Harvest Vegetables to Plant in the Summer - Garden Planning

Now the garden is looking pretty sad. All the leaves gone, everything dried up. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Enter My Summer Garden

Love how it turned out. Have already used so many cut flowers from this bed for another post. Luckily this list ends here…. How has your garden fared this year?

My Summer Garden

Like this: Like Loading Comments Oh My!!!! That is so beautiful Vidya. Love the colours. You should be so proud. Thank U!

My Summer in a Garden My Summer in a Garden
My Summer in a Garden My Summer in a Garden
My Summer in a Garden My Summer in a Garden
My Summer in a Garden My Summer in a Garden
My Summer in a Garden My Summer in a Garden

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