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So, you think you're a cinephile? Or are you just really talented at trivia? This quiz will test your knowledge about wacky production processes, budget woes, movies that almost didn't get made, behind-the-scenes actor quarrels, and those scenes you never knew were ad-libbed on the spot. Stacker used IMDb data to come up with trivia questions for the top American-made motion pictures of all time. All movies included in this list received over 50, IMDb votes and were ranked by their user rating.

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This article was first published on theStacker. Stacker offers a quiz on the best films in movie history. Photo: Melampo Cinematografica. Caption Close.

Only Disney Know-It-Alls Can Ace This Quiz

There's a lot to do in Amsterdam - a staggering amount of things, actually, and way too many to name here. What we do have room to focus on, however, is which country this iconic city is located in. This is a bit of geography related trivia, and that might spell doom for supposed buffs who are unprepared. This quiz has been pretty easy so far, hasn't it? We hope it has, because now that we're at the halfway point, we're about to raise the heat a significant amount. No more freebies - this is where the true challenges begin.

To start, let's see if there's a smarty pants out there who can figure out what an echidna is. A clue might be useful here, but since we're not fooling around anymore, we won't be giving one out. Even for those who aren't much into sports, the name Babe Ruth is famous enough that pretty much everyone should know the answer to this question, especially all self-proclaimed trivia buffs out there.

Babe could have been the hero of any number of the sports pictured here, though of course, his level of mastery can only be achieved by placing all his focus into one particular endeavor. Let's see who can figure out which sport Babe Ruth is legend in. Just who is this snazzy man doing his little dance in his purple world over here?

Family Game Night Ideas That Show Off Your Movie Knowledge

Are we looking at the legendary Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or is he just serving as a decoy, try to prevent us from getting the right answer? We can't really say, or to be more accurate, we won't say - after all, this is the latter half of the quiz, and things won't be so easy anymore. Unless of course we're talking to a Fresh Prince fan. Some say that the world we live in is small, and we can't really get behind their reasoning for that.

Any span of matter that takes so long to walk across can't really be considered small, come on now. However, when people call a certain country in the world tiny, and they're referring to the one we're thinking about, we can't help but agree. After all, this particular country can be trekked over in no time at all. Which is it? Just where do all roads lead to?

This is a tricky riddle, or at least it would be if it didn't happen to be a classic proverb often used in casual conversation.

A man compiled movie trivia facts in a viral Twitter thread - Insider

Despite that, it's not really the most used saying in the world, especially not these days, so this question is likely to present quite a challenge. While we sit back and enjoy this bowl of spaghetti, let's see if there's anyone out there who can complete the proverb. Mount Everest represents a pinnacle of achievement for those who have scaled it, and a symbol of achievement to come for those who plan to do.

Thankfully, there's no need to go anywhere near this huge rocky mass in order to get the question right, but what we do require is a bit of geographical knowledge. The answer to this one might not be as obvious as it seems, so trivia buffs are advised to consider their options quite carefully. The light bulb is a great invention, there's no doubt about that, and we won't say more of the matter.

Despite the immeasurable innovation it presented, the story of the invention of the light bulb is fraught with mystery, conspiracy, and possibly even deception. Despite all of that, one person in particular emerged as the historical inventor who officially gave birth to this great gadget. Let's see who can name the person officially credited with the invention of the light bulb. Some people live and breath for Kylie Minogue and her work, while billions of others scarcely know who this woman is. Despite that, she's an objective legend, and we won't hear a word to the contrary.

She might not be as engrossed in the lime light these days as she once was, but her legacy can never be under valued. Those looking to pay tribute to this lesson can do so now by getting this question right, let's see who can do it. Everyone knows this classic cartoon character as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is fair enough since those are the words printed over the cover of his movie. However, unless we're talking to a devoted Disney fan, guessing this character's birth name might not be such an easy thing to do.

He's a heck of a dude, to say the very least, and he was gifted with a heck of a name at birth. Who out there can figure out what that name is? There's a lot of good to be said about Kenya, perhaps particularly regarding its capital. Anyone who has visited the country will likely have no problem getting this one right, though it'll take an intermediate level geography pro to best the question if they haven't been there in person. If there's some initial trouble here, remember that process of elimination is a great ally in quizzes like these.

Let's see if there's a real trivia buff who can name the Kenyan capital. This picture, right here, is of one of the greatest paintings in the world, and that's an objective opinion for anyone looking for one. Our worldly, undeniable artistic tastes aside, let's see who can get this mid level, intermediate trivia question right. After all, the person who painted it is perhaps just as well known for the craziness in his personal life as he is for the craziness in his art - at least we'd think so if his art wasn't so impossibly nutty.

Look at that - it's the actual South Pole! How can such a legendary pole be trapped within the confines of this quiz in internet land?


As we attempt to bring this object back to Antarctica where it belongs, let's see if there's a savvy quiz taker out there who knows enough about geography to get this question right. As much as all the countries in the world want to be close to the South Pole, some countries are invariably closer than others.

That thing is insane, and judging from how large it scales compared to that person's finger tips, it looks huge!

Who played the female lead in Titanic?

We really don't want to be lingering around this entry any longer than we need to, so let's try and make quick work of this question. This is the big that unleashes its super high pitched mating call in the summertime - people usually hear these things rather than see them, which we respect them for. What's this one called? Here is a cod in its full glory, swimming around in the ocean like it owns the place. Of course, it certainly does not - in the underwater food chain, codfish lie somewhere at the lower half of the middle segment, though they sometimes try to convince themselves otherwise.

If it helps its pride, this cod can at least relish in the fact that it's bigger and stronger than a baby version of itself, though that shouldn't provide much comfort. What's the baby version called? Let's dial the hands of time back several years, when legends of the gods of Greek mythology were culturally prominent. People back in Ancient Greece thought about these deities much more often than we do today, though it does speak to the staying power of the gods that we're even talking about them right now. In particular, we're thinking of the Goddess of Agriculture - specifically, we're looking to see if any trivia buffs out there can figure out her name.

Xylography is definitely not the type of term that's used every day, unless a person happens to inhabit a certain niche in life, though we won't say more about that. Either way, hopefully there isn't a quiz taker out there who thought that these bottom entries would be anywhere near as easy as the first.

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Nope - this is where the objective challenges start, and xylography is the first of the bunch. Who can say what this term refers to? Women all over the world get their day, and it lands at a very specific spot on the calendar every year. We won't go into the details revolving around women's day, since we're only a cluster of nano neurons that live on the internet and know next to nothing of the outside world, but that's where the quiz takers come in. If there's a real smarty pants out there, they'll be able to pick out which day is Women's Day. Dubrovnik is a truly beautiful place.

Set along the Dalmatian Coast, savvy travelers have been flocking to this town as their secret hideout for centuries. As it turns out, this is the place where much of the Game of Thrones series is filmed, for whatever that's worth. Though we won't speak of such games any longer - instead, let's focus on Dubrovnik geographically, and try guessing which country it's located in. The Dalmatian Coast is one heck of a hint. There are infinite wonders to uncover in Thailand, and that might be more true today than it's ever been despite the country's long history.

Speaking of history, some geniuses out there might note that this beautiful place wasn't always called Thailand - in fact, its name was changed relatively recently, back in It was known under a very different name before then, and anyone who prides themselves on their history knowledge should definitely know what we're talking about here.

Here is Venus - a desolate wasteland as far as we know, but we don't know very much in the universal sense. We're not there, after all - it's possible that, as soon as our telescopes point away from the planet, its secret citizens lift themselves up from under their rocks and party from sunrise till sunset.

Speaking of the sun, which way does it rise and set in Venus? Does it operate under the same laws as it does on Earth? An elephant's truck is a fascinating appendage, and we wouldn't mind having one stuck to our face for a day or two. Maybe not two days, actually, since that thing is probably super heavy. It's possible that a lot of its weight comes from the sheer amount of bones found within it, or maybe all that mass is coming from other bodily material. Who's to say - we aren't biologists, after all.

Maybe there's a biologist out there who's taking this quiz. As much as all rivers want to be considered the longest, that title can only go to one, truly massive body of water.

Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls Movie Trivia For Know It Alls
Movie Trivia For Know It Alls

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