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Hamilton no biographical information available about T.

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Contact us Advertisements. Skip to main content. Home Page. Something More than Gold. A certain man of whom we read Author: T.

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Representative Text 1 A little man of whom we read, Who lived in days of old, Though he was rich, he felt his need Of something more than gold. Author: T. Hamilton Refrain First Line: Oh, yes, my friend, there's something more. Page Scans. View Page. Action Songs for Boys and Girls, Vol.

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Booth-Clibborn Victory Songs d1. Children's Hymns and Songs d1. Choice Hymns of the Faith d1. Glory Songs Again I was unarmed — I cleared out. This is what J. Best, I.


Much water has flown down the Jonk river since, this territory of the former Central Provinces has metamorphosed into the state of Chhattisgarh, and much of what Best saw more than a century ago has been lost. Gone are the seemingly endless forests that extended south of the Mahanadi and with them disappeared the wild buffaloes and the swamp deer, and in all likelihood the tigers too.

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The The entire sanctuary — a dry-deciduous mixed forest dominated by sal , teak, interspersed with bamboo, mahua and tendu and in some parts conspicuously thin due to the proliferation of karra trees, which to the untrained eye might give the forest a degraded look — lies in the newly-created Balodabazar district in central Chhattisgarh, under the Raipur Forest Division. Back then, Barnawapara was a healthy tiger habitat, and their numbers rose from 13 in to 17 by The management plan of the sanctuary, which speaks of this, was in fact written for the expanded Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, with an additional What has changed over the years though, is the faunal composition of the forests.

During the days of the Raj, the Jonk Valley forests were the stronghold of the Central Indian wild buffalo, considered to be the purest strain of Asiatic wild buffaloes in the world. It has been decades since these mighty beasts were forced to abandon this bastion of theirs, and today the entire population of Central Indian wild buffaloes in India — now limited to a small patch of forests along the Indravati in the Bastar-Gadhchiroli forests and a relict semi-wild population in Udanti — is believed to be less than that of the single herd Forsyth saw almost a century and a half ago.

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The hardground barasingha, now confined to a single population in the Kanha Tiger Reserve a few have recently been relocated for soft release to another erstwhile habitat of theirs, the Satpura Tiger Reserve , followed suit. Tigers which were once plentiful declined steadily, and after an initial rise post the sanctuary formation, their populations crashed sometime in the s. When I visited this beautiful sanctuary in , old wizened staff and locals alike said that while there was no longer a resident population of tigers within the sanctuary area, they did sporadically show up, at least two to three times in a year.

Nonetheless, while there have been losses, the Jonk Valley has saved many of its riches.

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Barnawapara today is synonymous with three large mammals — leopards, gaur and sloth bears. With the decline in tiger population, leopards thrived in this area and their numbers increased from a low 10 in to over 60 according to the estimate.

The populations of chital, sambar and nilgai have grown over the years and this is probably why the leopards are doing well. But as I discovered in the course of my visit, the herbivores are skittish, unlike their counterparts in the more touristy parks of India. A sounder of 35 wild pigs I saw at a waterhole, however, seemed pretty unconcerned with our presence, trotting away confidently after slaking their thirst, 13 piglets in tow. Little wonder, then, that the sonkutta , or dhole, is also making a tentative comeback here.

One constantly bumps into large herds of this wild bovine, and I soon lost count of how many I saw over just three days. The third star attraction of Barnawapara is its sloth bears. Back in , they were recorded as being sparsely distributed. Fast forward to , and the villagers and staff alike began calling them a nuisance!

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  6. There was this one particularly stubborn bear, who would always come back no matter how many times we chased him away. Finally I had had enough.

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    So this one time, I see him perched up on the tree, and me and a couple of other villagers howl at him. Seeing us, he starts climbing down. Usually I would shout and scare him away, but since it was not working and he kept coming back every day, I thought I needed to deal with this naughty bear like we deal with naughty children in our village. I have never seen a bear run faster than after those two whacks.



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