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He raised the kitten up and stared into its blue eyes. Well, my dear fellow, we shall just have to put our heads to it. Frowning inwardly at this lack of comportment, he presented himself nonetheless with an impeccable bow.

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It will be just a moment. Holding the squirming animal away from his immaculate livery and pinching it at the scruff of its neck between his thumb and forefinger, Richard grimaced eloquently. Sorry to have inconvenienced you.

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As the said Richard watched his master saunter off into the dim morning, he glared menacingly at the kitten. It was outside of enough to be charged with the care of this wretched creature, but it was more than that. The very idea of being apologized to by his betters brought his indignation to an even higher pitch.

It went against the natural order of things, after all. If he could remember his place, certainly his Lordship ought to try to do the same.

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Only the outlandishly high wages he was paid kept him from being completely overborne by the outrages which accompanied employment by the eccentric Lord Waverly. Pulling his collar up against the damp and depositing the kitten in his pocket, Richard heaved a sigh of relief as he reflected that at least there had been no witnesses this time.


As Waverly continued to walk, his musings on the affairs of the previous night kept pace with him. He had no clear destination in mind, only the vague notion that some brisk exercise would clear his head sufficiently to tackle this conundrum. In spite of his weariness, the clear sounds and the astringent air of morning made Waverly grateful he was not among the snoring numbers of the ton; however, he reflected with a large yawn, once a month at most would be sufficient to rejuvenate his spirit.

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As he proceeded on his stroll, Waverly drew a few veiled stares from the early rising household staffs as they went about their business. Absolutely disgraceful, they thought to themselves as he passed by. The gentry were due their pleasures, of course, but anyone with an ounce of decency had a duty to suffer in recompense. No shame at all!


Oblivious to this silent disapproval, Lord Waverly had unconsciously followed the summons of the church bells and soon found himself among a small procession intent on Grosvenor Chapel. He slowed his pace and drew aside to a stone bench where he sat for a time watching the people pass by.

It was still far too early for any of the fashionable set to be about; these seemed for the most part to be the families of tradesmen, displaying varying degrees of prosperity.

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  • He frowned as he realized how little attention the gentry himself included paid to this portion of society on whom they depended for so much of their comfort and security. But as far as most of his circle was concerned, the rest of the world was invisible. Toggle navigation. ADS 2. GhostlyPersuasion by Dena Garson. Brute by Kim Fielding.

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    High Spirits at Harroweby High Spirits at Harroweby
    High Spirits at Harroweby High Spirits at Harroweby
    High Spirits at Harroweby High Spirits at Harroweby
    High Spirits at Harroweby High Spirits at Harroweby
    High Spirits at Harroweby High Spirits at Harroweby
    High Spirits at Harroweby High Spirits at Harroweby

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