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An engineer friend of mine who deals with this stuff all day long had the brilliant idea of pulling the hot one and taking readings to see if at least this might get one back home The M side wires are the ones getting hot and we had removed these from the white plastic housing and stuck them into the female housing in a different order While we were at it, we decided to check out the famous over here in Spain BYC This connector seems to join all sorts of ground wires seemingly from sensors and the like but with the surprising effectiveness of an ashtray on a VFR.

Nill, null, zero, ziltch, none and sweet f-a effectiveness. It's a piece of crap and hardly creates any decent connections whatsoever.

Faulty Ground

So we eliminated the connector, twirled the ends together and wrapped another section of cable around this to bolt the other end of this to ground on the chassis and soldered the lot with a torch solderer I can say my VTEC transition and Fi system in general is running smoother so this probably means the ECU is receiving proper readings from sensors now because the surging issues had been getting intolerable lately. Although I picked up, courtesy of Josh Tightwad at Wiremybike. Seems OK but it used to give out 14,6 V Keen to try out the Mofsetter Top work mate - that ground connector is probably a major root cause of all the issues with VFRs.

I think I'll tear into mine soon to do the same mod. I wouldn't worry about that kind of difference. I'm trying to convince everyone to check this conector out on their bike I haven't had a single electrical hiccup on the bike, no flat batteries, no blown fuses or light bulbs or fried conectors since I did this mod One thing that will kill a stator instantaneously is any short between the 3 yellow wires when the plug melts.

I had been starting to think this was just a Spanish based glitch You are more than welcome Bailey On my 06 I think its an orange connector, but I checked it and looked good so I just shot it with some wd In the front subharness, on the leftward running line which runs along the front fairing bracket's lower left arm I opened up my big yellow ground block. I was surprised. The thing was immaculate. No brown, no crud, just perfect looking wires. There were only 8 wires I believe in this block, I have the latest wiring harness the one from the recall so maybe that is why.

I do however get hot stator wires. My connectors aren't fried and when I have done tests everything came out fine, but I am tracking down surging issues. I may try to feel each wire individually to see if I can diagnose as was described here. Is the Big Yellow Block the only "block" style ground connector we have on 6th gens? Or is there any others where its in a box like that wrapped in tape?



As far as I know that's the only one.. It's actually orange on the new on harness, at least in Europe.. That bundled up bunch of ground wires all twisted and soldered together looks a bit scary But I guess it works! I suspect though, that most VFR owners might be too picky about how their wiring looks and will not be brave enough to do a "McGuyver" style solution like that. I think a nice terminal block used as a ground buss for all those grounds should also work better than the original BYC To tell ya the truth the manuals wiring colors are damn near worthless.

So after looking for grounding cluster for days somewhere near the battery, now I know better. On my front fairing is going off tomorrow! But just to clarify. I am still waiting to hear from Honda Australia to hear if front harness recall has been carried out. If it hasnt, i wait with this mod?

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And then on new or old harness I solder all together, and a thick gauge? Found it! Its in good nick. Will wait and see what Honda says, re recall. Then attack it with a soldering iron. In the mean time I've got panels to fix and then paint.

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FI light glowing dim then getting brighter.. All well for a few weeks oh also installed a vfrness today the same issue so read in a previous thread to turn lights off and see what happens … well main lights off just small bulb on we in uk call this parking light and the issue stopped instantly.. At no time did I have any running issues.

I've tried bending the pins in or out in the hope of a better connection, but it still seems to be an annual event normally when the warmer for the UK weather starts. So do you just keep one set of wires together and solder them Would it be advisable to run another earth. Established in , we have over , books in stock.

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