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Summary Bibliography: Irene Radford

This power is commonly used to generate electricity.

Some portion may be utilized in crushing and screening the clinker, which is frequently used in making slab-paving, or ground fine and used as a substitute for sand in mortar. The following data may be found of service: a 60 per cent of the average refuse is combustible. Destutt de Tracy , Antoine Louis Claude, French philosophical writer, born in of a family of Scottish extraction, died in As a philosopher he belonged to the Sensationalist school, and considered all our knowledge to be derived originally from sensation.

He has been called the logician and metaphysician of the school of Condillac. Here x and y have the same coefficient a 1 b 2 - a 2 b 1. This is called a determinant of the second order, and is written. The coefficient of x , and the right-hand member, are here determinants of the third order, and the result is written. When the coefficient of x is expanded fully, it consists of six terms, half of them positive and half negative, each term being the product of three letters, one from each row and one from each column.

Thus in every term, such as the leading term a 1 b 2 c 3 , the three letters a , b , c , and the three suffixes 1, 2, 3, all occur once and once only. With regard to the signs, we note that if the letters a , b , c are always kept in this order, an interchange of two suffixes changes the sign. Thus, e. It is easy to verify that after any number of interchanges of this kind a particular term will always come up with the same sign.

Thus the interchange of two rows and similarly of two columns changes the sign of the determinant. It follows that if two rows or two columns are identical, the determinant is zero. It is now easy to define functions of n 2 letters, arranged in a square array of n rows [9] and n columns, with similar properties to those observed above in the case of determinants of the third order.

Determinants are very extensively used in higher algebra, co-ordinate geometry, and other branches of mathematics. See also Elimination. Smith, Algebra ; T. Muir, Theory of Determinants. Determinants , in biology, the name applied by Weismann to hypothetical particles contained in the nuclei of germ-cells, which determine the existence and nature of the various parts of the body of the embryo. The theory of determinants is part of an elaborate attempt to explain the facts of heredity on a mechanical basis. Although it may serve as a working hypothesis, it is regarded with disfavour by many experts, and may be regarded as an elaboration of the 'provisional theory of pangenesis' advanced by Darwin.

Stuart Mill, to denote a philosophical theory which holds that the will is not free, but is invincibly determined either—according to the older form of the theory—by a motive furnished by Providence, or—according to the modern form—by the aggregation of inherited qualities and tendencies. Biological determinism maintains that each of our voluntary acts finds its sufficient and complete cause in the physiological conditions of the organism.

Psychological determinism ascribes efficiency to the psychical antecedents. Opposed to determinism is the doctrine of indeterminism or indifferentism. See Free-will. In the vicinity a colossal statue has been erected to the Hermann or Arminius who overthrew the Roman general Varus and his legions in a battle which was fought near this place.

The Senner race of horses is bred near Detmold. The chloride and iodide of nitrogen are very powerful detonating substances.

It is used for making percussion caps, and in detonators for exploding guncotton and nitroglycerin preparations. Silver fulminate C 2 Ag 2 N 2 O 2 explodes even more violently. Detonating Tube , a species of eudiometer, being a stout glass tube used in chemical analysis for detonating gaseous bodies. It is generally graduated into centesimal parts, and perforated by two opposed wires for the purpose of passing an electric spark through the gases which are introduced into it, and which are confined within it over mercury and water.

The site rises gradually from the river, and the city is generally well built. Among the chief edifices are the city hall, the house of correction, post office, and opera-house. Detroit has increased very rapidly, a fact which is due to its admirable position for trade, and to its connections with a region into which a constant tide of emigration is flowing.

Forgotten Futures 10: Tooth & Claw

Among the industrial establishments are saw-mills, flour-mills, building-yards for ships and boats, foundries, tanneries, blast-furnaces, pork-packing establishments, tobacco and cigar manufactories, and locomotive works. The harbour is one of the finest in the United States, and has a depth of water sufficient for the largest vessels. Detroit owes its origin to the French, who visited the site in and erected the Fort Pontchartrain in Detroit River , or Strait of St. Clair , a river or strait of North America which runs from Lake St.

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Clair to Lake Erie. It is 28 miles long, and of sufficient depth for the navigation of large vessels. According to tradition he saved himself and his wife, Pyrrha, from a deluge which Zeus had sent upon the earth, by building a ship which rested upon Mount Parnassus. To repair the loss of mankind they were directed by an oracle to throw stones behind them; the stones thrown by Deucalion became men, those thrown by Pyrrha women. Deuteronomy Gr. Until the seventeenth century it was believed to have been written by Moses, but now it is generally held to be a compilation, the bulk of it having been written in the reign of Manasseh, or according to other scholars in the reign of Josiah.

At any rate the book was discovered or rediscovered while Josiah was king 2 Kings , xxii. It represents the latest phase in the development of the teaching of Moses.

2. The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan

Its chief aim is to combat idolatry, and to concentrate the religious life of the country at Jerusalem. It has a lofty moral tone. Of one passage vi, 4 and 5 Christ said: "On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets" Matt. Deutz doits , a town in Prussia, on the right bank of the River Rhine, opposite the city of Cologne, with which it communicates by a bridge.

It is strongly fortified as part of the defences of Cologne, in which it is now incorporated.

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There are some manufactories of porcelain and glass, also an iron-foundry and machine-works. They are small shrubs indigenous to China and Japan, and Northern India. Educated at the Royal University of Ireland, he early became known for his revolutionary activities. In he was elected president of the Gaelic League and was arrested as an agitator. Elected to Parliament in , while he was in prison, he refused to take his seat. He was elected 'President' of the so-called 'Irish Republic' soon afterwards, and in Feb.

He returned to Ireland in Its industries embrace carpets, cast-iron goods, printed cottons, hosiery, and a kind of cake called Deventer Koek. It has a large export trade in butter. It flows into the Moray Firth at Banff. Deviation of the Compass , the deflection of a ship's compass needle from the magnetic meridian, caused by adjacent iron. Hard iron is very retentive of a magnetic state, and is specially liable to become magnetized during a hammering process, as in the building of the ship.

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  • Soft iron easily receives or loses magnetism, and its magnetic state varies with every shifting of the ship's head. The effect of the former can be counteracted by magnets suitably placed near the compass, that of the latter by spheres of soft iron. The ship is swung, and the compass errors found in the various positions. The effects of the several contributing causes can then be separated, and the nature of the correctors necessary inferred with considerable accuracy.

    When these have been provided, the small residual errors for different positions of the ship are determined, and a table is constructed from which the navigator may read the slight correction to apply to the indication of his compass in steering any desired course.

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    Devil Gr. Most of the old religions of the East acknowledge a host of devils.

    Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1) Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1)
    Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1) Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1)
    Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1) Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1)
    Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1) Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1)
    Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1) Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1)
    Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1) Confessions from Draconis (Confessions Duology Book 1)

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