Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004

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Independent energy

Later, I would find out that his even bury our own dead—they are carted away and calculations were wildly exaggerated. But his larger point buried or burned for us. Despite its computer screen was correct.

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Although America is a vastly richer country booming economy in recent What Raney was really saying years, the insulating walls with many more options available to us, to me, I understood later, was of modern life have not yet this: You use a computer. You our per capita consumption of coal is three times been fully erected there. In have lights in your house. You buy products often alive in a cage in the manufactured using coal-fired electricity from stores that use dining room. Toilets stink.

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When you flip the switch on the the same. You are implicated in all of this. We all are. There is soot on every windowsill and around.

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The average American consumes about 20 pounds of coal a day. More than years after Thomas Edison connected the first lightbulb to a coal-fired generator, coal remains the bedrock of the electric power industry in America.

Issue #85 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 2004

About half the electricity we consume comes. In fact, electric power generation is one of the largest and most capital- the collar of every white shirt. We may not like to admit it, but our shiny coal mines. The World Health Organization estimates that white iPod economy is propped up by dirty black rocks. All over China, limestone buildings are appetite for them is not.

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The issue is not simply that there are dissolving in the acidic air. Between and , as world coal-fired prosperity. Most from fossil fuels. We stopped All this would be much easier to condemn if the West burning coal in our homes in the s, in locomotives in the had not done exactly the same thing during its headlong s, and by the s it seemed that coal was on its way out rush to become rich and prosperous. Nuclear power was the great it. You can argue that we to that.

Then natural gas overtook coal as the fuel of choice. If manage it better—our mines are safer, our power plants are coal was our industrial smack, natural gas was our methadone: cleaner—but mostly we just hide it better. Most of us have it was cleaner, easy to transport, and nearly as cheap as coal. In addition, and was gas-fired. But natural gas production in the U. The pollution also beginning to peak. There are an estimated 1 trillion tons of recoverable 20 coal in the world, by far the largest reserve of fossil fuel left on the planet. In a world starved for energy, the importance 18 of this simple fact cannot be underestimated: The world needs cheap power, and coal can provide it.

As coal industry executives never tire of pointing out, this is enough coal to fuel America 4. Projected CO2 Emission 2 1.

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Europe 3, Likely Scenario: 2, Source: U. India But this great bounty of coal is also a great liability. As coal-fired plants built in China, India, and the United States.

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Long-shuttered mines were. And if coal mining was the sure-fire ticket to wealth and prosperity that many in the industry claim, West Virginians would be dancing on gold-paved streets. Over the past years or so, more than 13 billion tons of coal have been carted out of the Mountain State. What do West Virginians have to show for it? At a addiction to shiny black rocks. In , 47 men died in coal mines, including twelve in an explosion at the Sago mine in northern West Virginia and two more after a fire in the Alma Since , according to the U.

Silicon Valley in the s look like a bake sale. Department of Labor, more than , people have been killed in coal mine accidents, many forever entombed by collapsed roofs and tumbling pillars. Black lung, a disease common among Coming Clean miners from inhaling coal dust, is conservatively estimated to During the three years I spent researching my book, about 3 have killed another , U. Today there are more florists in of coal-fired power plant pollution—more than from AIDS, the United States than there are coal miners.

And burning coal is even more deadly. In just the past 20 Building the modern world is fraught with trade-offs. The broad legacy of coal to create electricity, America is lifting millions out of environmental devastation—acid rain, polluted lakes and poverty and introducing them to hot showers and cold rivers, mined-out mountains—is impossible to tabulate.

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In Cokes. Our affection for coal is essentially an old habit and an Appalachia alone, the waste from mountaintop removal indulgence. And the price of this indulgence may be higher than mountain is removed from the coal has buried more than any economist can calculate. He is a contributing northeast to Maine; a molecule of mercury emitted from the editor at Rolling Stone and a frequent contributor to the New York stack of a power plant in Tampa ends up in the brain of a Times Magazine.

Reprinted by will be largely responsible. In the s, when more than , people worked in the mines, it was plausible to argue that miners were the backbone of the economy. Today there are. We know what works and how it works. Electrical competence required. Box , Hornbrook, CA U. E WAV. COM AS Drivers can fuel up with a variety of biofuels at the SeQuential station in Eugene, Oregon. The labels on the fuel pumps are your confirmation. At this unique fueling stop in Eugene, Oregon, just off the heavily trafficked I-5 corridor, you can choose from a selection of domestically produced fuels—blends of biodiesel and ethanol for use in any diesel or gasoline engine.

Pathway to the Pump This futuristic filling station has been abuzz with activity since its grand opening in September , serving to customers a day who come to fuel up their cars with eco-fuel and their bodies with natural snacks from the store—. And their admit an abundance of natural light. But with a smile. At the end of it all, he says, biodiesel appeared as the only option that met his criteria of being affordable and available. DEQ Remediation Equipment.

Scale feet bike parking bus shelter 0 5 10 20 The layer of plants in 5 inches of soil acts as insulative mass, keeping the interior building space cooler during summer months. These rooftop plantings work in concert with the overall site design.

Backwoods Home Magazine

Because the station is located near the Willamette River, designers paid close attention to maintaining water and soil quality at and around the site. Bioswales are landscape elements filled with vegetation, compost, and riprap to capture pollution and silt from on-site surface runoff before it can make its way into the watershed. A variety of plants in the bioswales filter some toxic pollutants and sediments out of the water, and microorganisms in the soil further break down pollutants. Left: Vegetated bioswales—constructed depressions in the landscape—intercept on-site runoff and capture pollutants.

In , though, the only commercially available biodiesel commercial quantities of biodiesel manufactured from in Oregon was prohibitively expensive, and had to be ordered U.

Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004 Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004
Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004 Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004
Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004 Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004
Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004 Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004
Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004 Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004
Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004 Backwoods Home Magazine #85 - Jan/Feb 2004

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