Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader

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Andrews was born in the uk in At fourteen years of age she ran away from her violent home and refused to return to school. In Canada, she enrolled in grade nine, finally obtaining a bfa from the University of British Columbia. Jancis is a community volunteer living in Sechelt.

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Joy Asham is a Cree Storyteller and Storymaker and a cultural activist. For the last fifteen years, she has been a columnist for the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, writing about the Aboriginal experience. In her work she has found that people are not so much that different, as we all smile, cry, laugh, and feel deep loss when our loved ones hurt.

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Asham has been the recipient of many arts awards and has achieved critical success for much of her work. Her arts achievements followed a sensitive social work career where her specialties lay in community and organizational development while also working one-on-one with victim healing issues. Marie Annharte Baker was born in in Winnipeg where she is working on a manuscript which explores Indigena silence. She believes that life story and contemporary storytelling are ways of making metissage out of fragmentary identities.

She is a member of dawn Winnipeg and a grandmother of three. Her son is Forrest Funmaker, educator and writer. The Association for Community Living-Manitoba is an advocacy group dedicated to the full inclusion in the community of persons of all ages who live with an intellectual disability. Maria Barile has more than thirty years experience as a community worker with women with disabilities. In the past twenty years, she has presented to various commissions on the use of depo provera, violence, and other issues that affect women with disabilities and advocated to improve access to the health care system and women's shelters for women with disabilities.

She uses collaborative video storytelling as a way for people who have been labelled with an intellectual disability to share their knowledge, express themselves, and teach others from lived experiences. She is also the President of Coup de Balai-Clean Sweepers, a social economy organization in her community. Bonnie lives in Montreal with her partner, Delmar, and their two daughters, Leah and Virginia, their two cats, Bowser and Felix, and Tsoukie the wonder poodle.

Carrie R. Cardwell is an artist and an Expressive Arts therapist since Currently she enjoys working with Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing individuals, couples and families in her private practice in the west end ofToronto; as well she works part time in a community-based Deaf and hard-of-hearing children's mental health program in Milton. She lives with her two teenage sons. For more information, see her website. Gail Christy , whose mobility impairment is the result of Cerebral Palsy, is a recently retired member of the Order of Ministry of The United Church of Canada where for twenty-seven years she served pastorates in Saskatchewan and eastern Ontario.

She has written for children about living with disability and now tries to educate her grandsons about these challenges. She thoroughly understands living on the edge and despite retirement continues to do so as she ministers as United Church chaplain at Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital, does consulting for Bereaved Families of Ontario-Ottawa Region, and acts as Spiritual Director. Community Living-Winnipeg is an organization that focuses on enhancing the lives and status of people living with an intellectual disability by promoting full inclusion and participation in the community.

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The Women's Group, comprised of women with intellectual disabilities and non-disabled women, came together to develop a process of self-exploration that came to be called "Walking a Woman's Path. Doreen Demas has been active in the disability consumer movement and the First Nations community for many years. More recently, she has been involved in the First Nations disability self-help movement, at an international, national and regional level.

Her personal experience as a Dakota woman with a visual impairment has helped shape her skills and abilities as an activist, researcher, and policy analyst in both the First Nation and disability communities. Julie Devaney is a health activist who advocates for patient and disability rights through her writing, performances, and workshop facilitation. Prior to her death in August , Tanis Doe was a respected Fulbright scholar, mother, gay rights activist and Canadian who identified as having Aboriginal ancestry.

As an academic and activist Tanis's work in Canada and in the United States was situated in some of the historic centres that were part of the revolution and evolution of the Canadian and American Disability Rights Movement. Working from her own lived experience, personal and political, Tanis contributed to the development of disability studies programs, challenged barriers to post-secondary education, worked to draw attention to the issues of violence against women with disabilities, and communicated her perspective of motherhood and parenting from the lens of a person who identified with multiple racialized communities.

Anjali Dookeran was a gifted visual artist, whose forte was watercolour painting. Her work was shown in solo and group exhibitions in Winnipeg. Anjali had chronic illness. She passed away in Kelly-Jo Dorvault is a multi-media artist who uses her personal experiences as a reference point for her art and as a tool for creating dialogue. Combining different techniques, materials and processes is one way she uses to explore how everything is connected and to deal with the crossovers between reality and fantasy.

Diane Driedger has written extensively about the issues of women and people with disabilities over the past thirty years. Diane is an educator, administrator, activist, and researcher in the area of disabled women's issues in Canada and internationally. She is also a visual artist and poet, and holds a Ph. Jane Field , a former high school teacher and literacy worker, is a writer and singer-songwriter, a speaker and performer in the Toronto area. She was a wheelchair user for fifteen years, quadriplegic for six of those years, before she met a doctor in who told her she had a treatable nerve disease.

Since undergoing extensive treatment, she no longer requires a wheelchair, but continues to straddle the boundaries of identity and belonging in the disabled and non-disabled communities. Her lesbian identity remains unchanged. Cheryl Gibson worked as a psychologist for the Ontario Ministry of Education until she was labelled permanently disabled after a "failed back operation" in She continues to work in her profession by giving workshops on journalism and running a small private practice from her home.

She has two children and two grandchildren and lives in a small community in Eastern Ontario where she has learned what the term "community" really means. Nancy E. Nancy is researching in the areas of literacy, culture history, health care, ethics, and human geography as they relate to disability issues in daily life.

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Kyla Harris grew up in Canada with a family history of artists. Her work and life took a dramatic turn when she had a diving accident in Since then she has been interested in the viewpoints of minorities. She now predominantly paints figurative work in oils at her studio in East London. Her nickname is Betty Rubble because of her giggle, and she has four dogs Gabbi, Armegeddon, Nightmare, and Kilo who help her keep her sense of humour. As someone with lived and work experience in the area of disability, her academic work involves the use of sociological theories to explore citizenship as a determinant of disabled people's health.

She is also involved in several projects exploring the use of new media in constructing new knowledges of disability and in constructing new ways for disabled people to transform their personal and collective realities.

Pat Israel is proud to be a disabled feminist. She lives in Toronto in a barrier free house with her partner of many years, John, and her dear mom, Helen.

Emma the wonder dog, along with Sarah and Phebe, the cats extraordinaire, also race around in this house. Sally A. Kimpson is a disabled nurse, disability activist, and scholar with direct experience of living on income support, and a deep interest in how public policy constructs the lives of disabled women with disabilities in ways that create barriers to social and economic equality. She is currently completing her Interdisciplinary Ph. Nursing and Education at the University of Victoria.

With its focus on the socio-economic well-being of disabled women, in particular how they live with the policies and practices to which they are subject, Sally's dissertation makes links between poverty, health and social justice in disabled women's lives. Sarah Murray is a portrait and documentary photographer, who lives in Vancouver, b.

At the age of twenty, she began her studies in manual photography at Focal Point. By , Sarah was shooting professionally.

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She is constantly exploring her fascination with the human condition through her camera lens. Sarah has balanced her love of portraiture and travel through her photography, and a career that allows her to be a global citizen with an eye on the world. Lynda Nancoo is currently working in the financial industry as a technical analyst. She spends her spare time encouraging young girls to write about their life experiences especially if they have been touched by disability.

Renee Norman is an award-winning poet, writer, and teacher.

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Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader
Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader
Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader
Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader
Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader
Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader
Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader Living the Edges: A Disabled Womens Reader

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